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If you missed your chance to get access to the incredible archives at World Massage Conference, you have one last chance. Get every class we've ever produced. 

  • Get online access to every class we've ever produced for just pennies on the dollar.  
  • 416 vido-based CE classes with topics ranging from business, ethics and research to techniques, treatments and modalities.  
  • Taught by top massage experts from around the world.  
  • Do quizzes for certificates of completion for CE reporting for most classes. (Almost all are NCBTMB-approved.) 
  • Downloadable notes and audios 
  • Instant access to the Massage Business Symposium and the 2017 World Massage Conference replays 
  • Access the entire vault until March 31, 2019 
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Here are just a few of the online classes you can enjoy...

Pediatric Massage

Tina Allen

Medical Massage for Post-Surgical Rehab

Boris Prilustsky

Manual Therapy for Low Back Pain

Tom Hendrickson

Behind Closed Doors: Reducing Risk

CG Funk

Money & Healing: A Clash of Values

Til Luchau

Proactive Self Care for Massage Therapists

Jeff Foreman

Fibromyalgia & Myofascial Pain

Dr. Kimberly Miller-Mirolli

Emotion, the Client and You

Richard Hill

The Educated Heart: Ethics for the MT

Laura Allen

Fragile Bodies: Chronic Disorders

John Coleman

Essential Communication Skills

Ben Benjamin & Amy Yeager

Massage in Schools: Calm, Focused...

Thea Blair

ABC's of Meeting with Physicians

David Kent

The 42-Pound Head

Erik Dalton

Banishing Trigger Point Pain

Valerie DeLaune

Bringing Massage to the Disadvantages

Jamie Bernardo

The Million Dollar Foot Massage

Coleen Chausse

Orthopedic Manual Therapy

Joe Muscolino

Why Train in Pregnancy Massage

Suzanne Yates

The Side-Lying Advantage

Carole Osborne

Teaching Research Literacy

Ruth Werner

Techniques for Frozen Shoulders & Hips

James Waslaski

The New Animal Massage

Lola Michelin

Best Practice-Building Tips from the Pros

Irene Diamond,Eric Brown, Felicia Brown, Dan Clements, Shelene Taylor, Drew Freedman

Thai Bamboo Foot Reflexology

Heath & Nicole Reed


James Waslaski

Bodysaver Massage: Longevity for MTs

Patrick Ingrassia

Pediatric Massage

Tina Allen

Full Body Presence for Healthy Boundaries

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana

Awakening the Healing Power

Joe Muscolino

Corporate Wellness

Anna Rizzotto

Thai Stem Massage 

Lily Ofir 

Deep Tissue Technique for the Neck

Michael McGillicuddy

Therapy for Surgeries, Scars & Burns

Pete Whitridge

Five Steps to Double Your Practice

Irene Diamond

Deep Tissue Unwinding

Angie Dubis

Common Myths of Neck and Back Pain

Ben Benjamin

Table Thai Yoga Massage

Heath & Nicole Reed

Working with Whiplash

Til Luchau

Functional Range Release

Andreo Spina

Massage & Oxytocin

Kerstin Uvnas-Moberg

 60 Clients in 60 Days

Eric Brown

Serving Eldercare & Hospice 

Ann Catlin

Anatomy Trains

Thomas Myers

And hundreds more...

• Essential Oils - Body, Mind and Spirit with Anne Williams  

• Effective Communication Skills for Massage Therapists with Rick Boden  

• Orthopedic Assessment and Treatment Planning for Back Pain with Whitney Lowe  

• Living With Chronic Back Pain - A Client's Perspective with Diana Thompson  

• Traditional Healing Panel: Native Bodywork from Around the World with Leslie (Suzi) Ko, Joel Sheposh, Debbie Boehlin, Sukha Wong  

• How to Harness The Power of PR to Build Your Practice with Kathryn Feather  

• Web Marketing That Works! with Irene Diamond, David Kent, Drew Freedman, Stephanie Beck, and Don Dillon Ryan Hoyme, and Laura Allen  

• The Hole in Your Practice with Dennis Buckley  

• Getting Social with Santa: Social Media for the Holidays with Felicia Brown  

• The Heart of Your Massage Practice with CG Funk  

• Designing Presentations that Engage with Anne Williams  

• Client Health Records: Need to Know Requirements for Today's Therapist with Diana Thompson  

• The Healthy Client: Building Repeat Clientele in a Wellness Practice with Diana Thompson  

• Ancient Wisdom for a Soul-Driven Practice with Jackie Dumaine  

• Five Steps to Double Your Practice with Irene Diamond  

• Creating Lifetime Clients with Every Touch with Felicia Brown  

• A Practical Approach to Social Media Marketing with Abram Herman  

• Creating a Professional Massage Room by Angie Patrick with Angie Patrick  

• Yes, You Can Market Your Practice! Essential Marketing Skills Made Easy with Kristin Coverly  

• Essential Communication Skills for a Successful Practice with Ben Benjamin & Amy Yeager  

• Business Panel - Create the Practice of Your Dreams! with Eric Brown, Melanie Hayden, Jay Fiset and Jerrilyn Cambron  

• 60 Clients in 60 Days with Eric Brown with Eric Brown  

• Keys to Attracting Local Clients with Tony Tomassini  

• Success With Integrity - How to Have Both with Jeff Shearer  

• Employee and Contractor Agreements Gone Wrong with Don Dillon  

• How to Use Video to Build Your Massage Practice with Ryan Hoyme  

• How to Create Packages that Inspire Clients to Invest in Themselves with Sharon Desjarlais  

• Fill Your Practice: A Blueprint for a Successful Practice with Eric Brown  

• Massage Marketing and Management Mastery with Stephanie Beck, Felicia Brown, Lori Koop, Cherie Sohnen-Moe, Dr Dennis Buckley  

• Business Strategies to Catapult Your Success with Jeff Shearer, Felicia Brown and Irene Diamond  

• Designing Exceptional Presentations with Anne Williams

• Body, Mind and Business: The Psychology of a Full Practice with Til Luchau  

• The One-Hour Website - Yes You Can! with Brian Halterman  

• Writing Case Reports with Jerrilyn Cambron  

• Claims Happen! Protect Your Practice with Kristin Coverly  

• The Wonderful World of Chair Massage with Eric Brown  

• The Down and Dirty on Sanitation and Infection Control in Your Massage Practice with Monica Forchielli  

• Factors in Back Pain - Framing the Discussion form a Clinical Perspective with Clint Chandler  

• Insurance Billing for Massage Therapists: Need-to Know Information for Getting Paid with Diana Thompson  

• Elevate Your Practice with Michael Mcgillicuddy  

• Teaching with Technology with Whitney Lowe Til Luchau and Susan Salvo  

• Emotional Intelligence A Key to a Students Success with Anne Williams  

• Bamboo-Fusion massage Therapy with Nathalie Cecilia  

• Professional Practice Protocols with Michael McGillicuddy  

• What is Pediatric Massage? with Tina Allen  

• The Culture at Your Massage School: What's Your Role? with Roger Patrizio, Dina Bennett, Lisa Helbig  

• Unraveling the Mystery of Cervical Pain with Ben Benjamin  

• Thai Reflexology with Heath & Nicole Reed  

• Teaching Pathology from the Heart with Ruth Werner  

• Understanding the Iliopsoas Muscle with Greg Morling  

• Massage Trends that Will Impact Your Practice with Karen Menehan  

• Viscosity + Glide = Control: The Base for Body mechanics with Bruce Baltz  

• Mindful Touch for Survivors of Sexual Abuse with Judith Ashton  

• Spa Techniques with Jane Irving & Therese Jennings  

• Getting to the Source of Back Pain: A Common Compensatory Pattern Revealed! with Erik Dalton  

• "Dorn" Spinal Therapy with Barbara Simon  

• Clinical Applications of CranioSacral Therapy with Lisa Upledger  

• Acuball Therapy: Muscle Release for You & Your Patients with Michael Cohen  

• And that's only a partial list of classes. There are hundreds more waiting for you inside the participant area!

Get all of this for just $199 

Important! Use coupon code save200 to get $200 off the regular price of $399

Get your hands on this now! This offer expires in just...




Top Educators from Around the World

Over the ten years World Massage Conference has been broadcasting, we have featured a 250 of the top educators from around the world. Our unique platform has allowed noted massage experts from all five continents - people you would never have the chance to see in person - to drop into your home and share their knowledge. Here are just a few of the leading authorities that you can learn from....

Erik Dalton

Tina Allen

Til Luchau 

Robert Schleip

Eric Brown

Anne Williams

James Waslaski

Ruth Werner

Cherie Sohnen-Moe

Leon Chaitow

Bonnie Pruden 

Drew Freedman

Ben Benjamin

Linda Tellington Jones

John Upledger 

Tiffany Field

CG Funk

Aaron Mattes

Benny Vaughn 

Felicia Brown

Eric Stephenson

Heath & Nicole Reed

Diana Thompson 

Don Dillon

Sandy Fritz

Susan Salvo

Douglas Nelson 

Paula Nutting

...and hundreds more!

Get all of this for just $199

Important! Use coupon code save200 to get $200 off the regular price of $399 

About Us

Over a decade ago, some of the founders of Massage Therapy Radio sat around a table and came up with the crazy idea of doing a "virtual massage conference" featuring live streaming video presentations by massage experts from around the world. This was at a time when most of us were still using dial up connections to the internet, steraming video was just starting, and YouTube was still a baby. Needless to say, massage thearpists loved it and it became the largest event ever in the history of massage. Even today, it remains one of the most popular events in the massage profession. Tens of thousands of therapists from 182 countries have benefited from almost 400 broadcast classes featuring over 240 massage experts. It's been an incredible journey! Now we'd like to give back to the community who has supported us over the years by opening the vault and giving you access to this epic collection of online classes. Enjoy!

The Fine Print

Access begins March 11, 2018 and will last until March 31, 2019. While most classs are video based, some classes will be audio only. Downloadable notes and audio are available for most classes. Videos are not downloadable. Due to the nature of this offer, no refunds will be offered. Some classes may need to be removed over the year, so we cannot guarantee access to every class listed on this sales page. All new original content produced in 2018 will be added to your vault at no charge. 

World Massage Conference is an NCBTMB-approved provider. Quizzes to obtain certificates of completion for CE reporting are available for most classes. This online continuing education may or may not count towards your required CE credit requirements. It’s your responsibility, and not the responsibility of World Massage Conference, to check with your regulatory agency to confirm whether these will be accepted as CE credits in your jurisdiction.