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Working with the Psoas with Til Luchau

Join Til Luchau for a fascinating look at techniques for the iliopsoas. The live event is finished, but a recorded replay is available for a limited time. Click the button to save your free spot in the webinar...


Til Luchau

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The psoas is a true celebrity. In terms of the attention it gets, and the claims made for it, the psoas has superstar-status in the body-therapy and movement world. Like other famous stars, the life-story of the psoas is a mixture of fact and fiction, where speculation, mystery, hyperbole, and controversy have blended with the psoas’ truly special qualities, eccentricities, and abilities.  

Join popular presenter Til Luchau as he explores the mysteries and myths surrounding the psoas. He’ll demonstrate several hands-on techniques for safely and effectively working with the psoas and iliacus, and walks us through a chapter from the second volume of his best-selling Advanced Myofascial Techniques reference book. Topics will include: 

  • Reasons to work (and not work) the psoas 
  • Several direct and indirect techniques for non-invasive work with psoas, iliopsoas, and iliacus 
  • Crucial safety considerations: ureters, viscera, neural plexus, etc. 
  • The psoas in trauma and autonomic responses
  • And more...  

Go to to download the free follow-along handouts, or the optional e-book that includes an entire chapter from to Volume II, as well as a mini-manual, webinar anatomy slides, and note organizer with additional related techniques.